Lesson 2: Media-neutral communications planning

The benefits of media-neutral planning 

Excellence in MNP depends on pre-requisites such as; knowledge of customers, good brand insights and appropriate value propositions. There are five essential aspects of MNP:

1. For marketing communications planning, channels are whatever medium conveys the brand experience to a customer, prospective customer or other audience, and should not therefore be restricted to commercial media.

2. Optimised communication planning is based on the best mix of communication media and activities conceived as a creative, harmonious and efficient whole, rather than a series of isolated or even parallel communication activities. Occasionally, the mix might be one brilliant and innovative solution. Thinking widely about the mix options however, is more likely to discover and deliver profound and profitable insights.

3. New concepts of communication potential replace prior attitudes to planning that have included significant dysfunctional biases. Close observation of the most effective communication proves that many common assumptions are at best loose guidelines that represent creative opportunities for innovation and, at worst, barriers to excellence. 

4. MNP replaces a series of disconnected (and often habitual rather than optimal) communication objectives with a universal and productive framework.

5. The best way to make this work depends on a competent, re-organised and committed client working with agencies (internal or external) as a team through an integrated channel/ creative/ content process.